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PetMedella was first born on the idea of helping people through BioResonance testing from our human side of the business, Balanced Health. Our mission was, and still is, to help people with chronic health issues and assist them in locating the root of their health concerns. Today, PetMedella operates exactly as Balanced Health, but for our four legged friends.

We work with mostly dogs, cats, and horses; but also have clients such as alpacas, birds, and rabbits. We are extremely passionate about and a firm believer in holistic health, natural remedies, and clean sustainable living.

The scanning techniques we practice here at PetMedella are non-intrusive and completed via long distance; so there is no need to have your pet present. This state of the art technique allows us to understand your pet’s health at a deeper level and can help them to feel as young, healthy, and vibrant as possible.

Getting started is easy as can be. All we need to perform this very comprehensive analysis is fur or hair and saliva from your pet. With such complete testing, our equipment is even designed to see if tick-borne toxins resonate.

The technical name of our scanning technique is called BioResonance. Our scans include a full body wellness check, toxin analysis, nutritional imbalances, food and environmental sensitivities, hormonal imbalances, and customized remedies for your pet.

Everything we use is natural and mostly organic. Some of the remedies include:

  • Homeopathic Remedies
  • Essential Oils
  • Herbal Remedies
  • Homeopathic Gels
  • Nutritional Supplements

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and support. At PetMedella, we are available for answering questions and concerns at any time.


PetMedella, llc, deals strictly in educating people about general health through better nutritional approaches, improved lifestyle, health habits, and positive mental attitudes.

Employees of PetMedella are not licensed physicians and cannot diagnose diseases, prescribe drugs or recommend treatments for specific disease conditions.

All evaluations/analysis performed by PetMedella are designed to evaluate inherent constitution and temperament for the sole purpose of education of general health through nutrition, habits, and attitudes. All evaluations/analysis cannot determine specific disease conditions, and do not replace the diagnostic services offered by licensed physicians.

PetMedella would never suggest ceasing any medical care one may be undertaking. Decisions regarding health care and the health care of those under guardianship are the sole responsibility of each individual and not the responsibility of PetMedella.

These services are designed for educational purposes only and is not intended to serve as medical advice. The information provided on this site and in reports should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease.  It is not substitute for professional care.  If your pet has or suspect your pet may have a health problem or needs medical attention, you should consult your healthcare provider.