Benefits of Dirt! Why Does Your Horse Roll In It?

Dirt has multiple benefits for many animals, including humans. However, the benefits can be different from species to species. If you are a horse owner or if you’ve ever been around a horse, you’ve probably seen them roll in the dirt. Here are 7 reasons why horses choose to roll in the dirt…

1. Prevent insects from biting– dirt creates a protective layer that keeps biting insects at bay.
2. Protection from the sun– a natural sunscreen, dirt creates a protective layer, which is especially good for lighter horse who are more prone to burn.
3. Irritation– when a saddle is removed from a horse they often roll from the irritation of it having been there.
4. Dry off– when a horse is sweaty or following a bath, a horse will roll to dry off.
5. Cool off– dirt helps keep horses cool in hot weather.
6. Help shed– if a horse is shedding, rolling can help in the process.
7. Healthy joints and back– rolling allows a horse to stretch their body in a different manner and to self adjust.

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