Exploring the Blood System in Pets

Exploring the Blood System in Pets

Understanding The Blood System in Your Pet’s Bioenergetic Scan Your pet’s body is truly paw-some! It’s a marvel of intricate systems with many components working together to keep it running smoothly. The Blood System connects all the systems! However, when reviewing the results of your pet’s scan, where does your mind go first?  Maybe you […]

Navigating Bioenergetic Food Intolerance in Pets

Photo of cat eating dry food for food intolerance in pets

What does Bioenergetic Food Intolerance in Pets Look Like? Just like people, food intolerance in pets exists as well. And like humans, the responses can range from itchy and irritating to even worse! Understanding and managing your pet’s energetic food intolerances or sensitivities doesn’t have to be stressful. Keep reading! We’ll explore bioenergetic testing to […]

The Integumentary System in Pets

What is the Integumentary System on Bioresonance Testing? Have you used bio-resonance scanning for your pet, and are asking what is the Integumentary System on your test? Are you wondering about the role it plays in your pet’s body? Or should we say ON your pet’s body, as the Integumentary System is the hair, skin […]

Amino Acids for Pets: The Building Blocks of the Body

Need Help Navigating Amino Acids For Pets on a Bioenergetic Testing Report?  Many pets resonate with imbalanced amino acids on the results of bioenergetic testing! Amino acids for pets, and for people, are the scaffolding of so many body processes. If there are imbalances due to digestive issues, and diets low on protein, then there […]

Exploring the Role of Dental Water Additives for Pets

large black dog holding water bowl and looking at you depicting dental water additives for pets

Understanding Dental Water Additives for Pets You’ve probably seen, or even purchased, a dental water additive for pets. Moreover, you’re probably aware of the many responsibilities that come with caring for your furry friend including dental health for pets. From proper nutrition and regular exercise to grooming and vet visits, the list of pet parent […]

How Do You Know if Your Pet is In Pain?

Is you pet in pain

Pet’s communicate in many ways, except human words. How do you know if your pet is in pain? We wish they could talk, don’t we? We can communicate with animals on so many levels, but the expression of pain in our pets does not come out in the form of words that we can share. […]

Liver Health is Foundational to Your Pet’s Wellness!

Picture of hand holding a graphic representation of a liver with the topic being liver health in pets

Liver health should be one of the foundations of your pet health routine. The liver is arguable the most important organ, besides the heart and brain, for your pet!  It maintains your pet’s overall health and wellness and is connected to almost every organ system in the body. The liver is responsible for detoxification, metabolism, […]

When is Apple Cider Vinegar Safe For Pets?

When is Apple Cider Vinegar Safe For Pets? Petmedella and our employees are vigilant about creating balanced health for pets. We get inbox questions, and social media messages, asking questions like: When is apple cider vinegar safe for pets? Should you use it topically? Give it to them for drinking? The buzz continues around apple […]