Blood in Your Pet’s Stool? What is It Saying About Their Healthy?

Blood in a pet’s stool is almost always an indication of something going on internally. The cause could be somewhat minor to very severe. Treating the issue could be short term or long term. Even a small amount of blood in your pet’s stool needs to be addressed.

What Blood in the Stool Could Be Indicating
Little to large amounts of blood in your pet’s stool could indicate a number of things…

1. External Injury
– an external injury around the rectal area may cause bloody stool
2. Gastroenteritis
– inflammation of the intestines & stomach
– most often caused by viral and/or bacterial infections
– bright red blood indicates inflammation toward the end of the digestive tract
– black tarry blood indication inflammation higher up in the digestive tract
3. Colitis
– inflammation of the inner lining of the colon
– ulcers, IBD, & allergies can all lead to colitis
4. IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease)
– inflammation of a part of or all of the digestive tract
– causes are unsure
5. Food Poisoning
– caused by rancid food or contaminated water
6. Parasites
– typically caused by water, food, or soil contamination
– can also be caused by contact with waste from another animal
7. Viral or Bacterial Infection
– spread from one animal to the next through direct or indirect contact
8. Allergies
– foods that may be a sensitivity or allergy can cause digestive inflammation
– this inflammation caused by the sensitive foods could cause blood in stool
9. Autoimmune Disease
– lupus can cause inflammation of the liver, which can cause blood clots
10. Liver Disease
– one of the signs of liver failure is blood in the stool
11. Tumor
– bloody stool can be a sign of a tumor affecting the colon or rectal region

If you see any blood in your pet’s stool, no matter the consistency or amount, contact your pet’s health care provider!

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