Diabetes in Dogs? What to Do

What is Diabetes? 
Diabetes occurs when the body ineffectively produces or ineffectively uses glucose. Cells require glucose for energy. In order to use glucose, the body needs insulin. Insulin is produced in the pancreas and is needed in order for glucose to get into the cell.

If the glucose cannot get into the cells due to lack of insulin, glucose builds up in the blood, leading to diabetes. There are two types of diabetes.

Type 2– usually caused by eating too many carbohydrates and obesity. Insulin is produced but is resisted because there is too much sugar coming into the body.
Type 1– pancreas does not produce insulin properly, leading to the use of insulin shots

Signs of Diabetes
– increased water consumption
– frequent urination
– weight loss (body begins to use the tissue to produce glucose)
– fatigue
– weakness
– vomiting (sign of inflammation of the pancreas)

– poor diet
– overweight or obese
– toxins

How to Minimize or Manage Dog Diabetes
1. Healthy Diet:
a. Avoid processed foods, carbs, sugar, & starches, all which can be found in kibble & canned dog foods
b. Protein (grass fed)- should make up at least 30% of a dog’s diet
c. Good Fats- add in omega 6s (hemp oil, flaxseed oil) and omega 3s (fish oil, mussels, phytoplankton)
d. Vegetables- for vitamins & minerals required by the body
e. Other Add Ins to Consider…
– antioxidants: to fight free radicals & reduce inflammation (colorful vegetables, berries, parsley, phytoplankton)
– probiotics: improve digestion & support immune health
– turmeric: regenerate cells
– herbs: Berberine, Oregon grape, or Goldenseal (improves blood sugar)
– digestive enzymes- helps with digestion & to absorb nutrients
2. Exercise
– daily exercise will help your dog maintain a healthy weight
3. Minimize or Eliminate Toxins:
– consider toxins in your dogs environment- lawn chemicals, chemicals found in foods (additives, preservatives), etc.
– be selective in vaccine choices

If you are concerned about your dog’s blood sugar, contact PetMedella for more information at 612-812-9121 or email us at info@petmedella.com