Does Your Cat Suffer from Upper Respiratory Issues? Give Your Cat Natural Support

What is Upper
Respiratory Infection?

Upper Respiratory Infection can affect the eyes, nose, sinuses, throat, and mouth. It can be bacterial or viral, but is typically viral. It can be spread from one cat to another through direct or indirect contact such as toys, food bowls, humans that have pet an infected cat, etc.

What to Look For
Your cat may have an upper respiratory infection if they experience…
– sneezing
– discharge (from the nose or eyes)
– congestion
– fever
– lethargy
– decreased appetite
– inflammation of the eyes or eyelids
How to Help Your Cat Fight an Upper Respiratory Infection
1. Olive Leaf– an herb that has antimicrobial properties
2. L-Lysine– an amino acid that strengthens the immune system & inhibits viruses from replicating
3. Vitamin C– antioxidant for the body & fights viral infections
4. Probiotic– antibacterial, also excellent to take if your cat is on antibiotics, will restore good bacteria to the body *Note: take at least 2 hours away from antibiotics
5. Fresh Air– if you have an indoor cat, make sure he/she is getting fresh air (open window with a screen, porch, outdoor kitty enclosure, etc.)
6. Fresh Water & Healthy Diet– a cat’s diet should be grain free & should include human-grade meat and vegetables

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