Does Your Dog Leak Urine? It May Not Be Their Fault

Urinary incontinence is involuntarily leaking urine. Just like humans, it can happen to our dogs as well. This inability to control leakage can happen when a dog is jumping, running, walking, or simply resting and sleeping. As dog owners, it’s important to remember if they suffer from urinary incontinence as something is causing this and your dog doesn’t like it any more than you do! In fact, oftentimes when a dog leaks urine in a non-potty spot they feel ashamed and become distressed. So rather than yelling and getting frustrated yourself, recognize this as a problem and work on getting to the root of it.

Causes of Urinary Incontinence 

1. Trauma to the Central Nervous System– can cause a miscommunication between the brain and bladder
2. Damage to the Pudendal Nerve– bladder neck remains open allowing leakage (can happen in dogs with joint issue, lower back injuries)
3. Diseases– dogs with any of the following diseases are more likely to suffer from urinary incontinence: bladder, kidney, adrenal, Cushing’s, diabetes, low thyroid
4. Bladder Stones– stones prevent a dog from being able to completely empty, which causes them to leak later
5. Obstruction to the Urethral– obstruction due to a tumor or stone
6. Birth Defects– bladder or nerve defects at birth
7. Hormonal Imbalances– when dogs are neutered or spayed, estrogen and/or testosterone seizes. These hormones help to close the external urethral sphincter. If this cannot close, leakage occurs. This is the most common reason for urine leakage.

What to Do 

1. If you haven’t already done so, switch your dog over to a grain-free raw food diet. Second best option would be freeze dried or dehydrated.
2. See a holistic vet and have a physical examination completed.
3. If there is an obstruction, surgery will most likely be necessary.
4. If the Central Nervous System and bladder are having a miscommunication, seek out an animal chiropractor.
5. Other options include: seeing an animal acupuncturist or using a glandular and homeopathy to rebuild specific organs.

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