Dogs & Cats: Most Common Food Sensitivities

Are you concerned that your dog or cat may be suffering from a food sensitivity? If your pet is experiencing any of the following, your furry friend very well may be:

– skin rash                          – hives                                – itching
– gas (chronic)                   – diarrhea                          – nausea
– vomiting                          – ear inflammation          – frequent ear infections
– paw biting                       – inflamed paws               – sneezing
– wheezing                         – runny/watery eyes        – snoring (inflamed throat)
– poor coat quality           – obsessive licking

Certain species of animals tend to be more sensitive to certain foods than others, humans and our pets included. Here is a list of the most common food sensitivities for both dogs and cats.

The most common food sensitivities are…
– corn                             – wheat                        – chicken
– beef                             – eggs                           – dairy
– soy

The most common food sensitivities are…
– beef                           – lamb                            – fish
– corn                           – wheat                          – eggs
– soy                            – dairy

It is important to remember that your dog or cat may be sensitive to a food that is not on this list, these are simply the most common items.

What to Do
If you are suspicious of a food sensitivity with your dog, cat, or any pet, you can take a couple approaches.

1. Elimination Diet– begin my eliminating the foods from the most common food sensitivities list. Make sure you start with one food at a time. Cut that food out for a few days and note any changes. Then cut a different food out for a few days and so forth until you find the culprit.

If you still cannot identify the sensitive food or foods, you may want to consider doing a Sensitivity Scan.

2. Sensitivity Scan– rather than doing an elimination diet, which can sometimes be a long process, do a Sensitivity Scan through PetMedella. The PetMedella Sensitivity Scan tests for 600 different food and environmental sensitivities. This is a more efficient way to get at the heart of the potential problem.

For more information on the PetMedella Sensitivity Scan, contact PetMedella at 612-812-9121 or email us at