Do Your Emotions Affect Your Pet’s Emotions?

As humans, we often pick up on the emotions of others. When someone is experiencing an emotional low, others often pick up on it through their body language, facial expressions, and the energy they carry. The same is true when someone is on top of the world and full of lively energy, others not only notice, but it influences the emotions of those around them as well. Their joyful energy becomes shared energy.

Pets and Our Emotions
Our pets pick up on human emotions as well. When we are sad, they are sad. Often times they comfort us in these times of need, staying close to us and sharing our sadness.

Notice your pet’s behavior when you are happy, joyful, and energetic. They are most likely energetic and happy as well. They feed on our energy no matter how we are feeling.

Some Things to Consider

Everyone experiences sadness and stress from time to time, it is a normal part of life, and they are normal human emotions. However, consider the following…
1. Are you constantly stressed? If so, this can be causing excess stress for your pet which in turn can affect their overall health and wellbeing.

2. Are you sad more than you are happy? If so, this frequent sadness could be creating issues with your pet.

Creating opportunities to de-stress your life or ways to add more joy to your life, will not only help you, but your pet as well!

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