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My pet doesn’t have hair or fur, how do I collect a sample?

Some pets do not have fur or hair to collect the required sample. In this case, nail clippings will work.  Clip and collect at least 5 nails that are at least ⅛” long.  Place these nails into the provided Ziplock bag, and write your pet’s name and the date on this bag.

What needs to be included in the bubble mailer provided in the Kit?

You need to include the saliva sample gathered with the swab and a hair sample inside the ziplock bag. Write your name on the ziplock bag and the ID number emailed to you on the ID card.

What is “Energetic Health”?

Energetic health is different than any actual physical exam or blood test your pet may have.  Energetics means that everything has a frequency:  bugs, our livers, foods, remedies, lungs, etc.....everything.  The diagnostic equipment has hundreds of thousands of frequencies put into the system, and when scanning the hair and saliva we are looking for those frequencies. For example, if your pet comes back showing a resonating bacteria, the same bacteria MAY not show up in a blood test, but your pet is still holding the energy of it, and it needs to be cleared. Another example would be the health of your pet’s thyroid.  We may find that your pet’s thyroid is energetically weak, but through a traditional blood test the results may show no abnormalities. In this case, we would find it necessary to support and strengthen the thyroid because of the energetic weakness.

Should I worry about the results provided in the reports?

By taking the proactive steps to understanding the energetic health of your pet, you are providing your pet with the best approach to a healthy and happy future.  There is no  reason to be alarmed by your pet’s report, and we are happy to answer any specific questions you may have that pertains to your pet’s reports.

What can I expect by following a regimen?

When following through with the lifestyle suggestions and protocol, a variety of changes can occur.  The body starts to shift and rebalance itself.  During this time, toxins may be released and your pet may feel a bit worse before feeling better. If this seemingly happens, reduce the amount of what you are giving them until they feel better. Then start back at a lower amount, and slowly build back up to the original schedule.  For others, there is no detoxing reaction and they immediately start to feel better, more vitality, better sleep, better digestion, and so on.  Understand that every pet, every regimen, and every timeline is different.

How do I change my password?

Once you have an account on PetMedella, you'll be able to manage things like your password and billing and shipping addresses from your Account Dashboard.

What is your return policy?

For scans purchased at PetMedella , we will refund your full purchase price within 24 hours after your order is placed. No scanning refunds will be made after this period. For any promotional purchases, please contact the seller directly. Unopened remedies may be returned within 10 days for a full refund, minus shipping costs and return postage is your responsibility. Any products that have been opened are not eligible for refund. You agree to this policy when you complete your purchase.