Fight Doggie Parasites with Diatomaceous Earth

If your dog suffers from internal or external parasites, Diatomaceous Earth may be a simple and inexpensive solution! Diatomaceous Earth is finely crushed fossils of aquatic organisms. It is safe for humans and pets because it is so finely ground. To insects and parasite, however, it is quite harmful. These crushed fossils are like broken glass to these small organisms, puncturing their outer covering, causing them to dehydrate and die. It will also kill off any larvae.

Using Diatomaceous Earth Internally
– can be used to get rid of hookworms, roundworms, pinworms, and whipworms
– give to your dog every day for at least 30 days (just in case any eggs are present and then hatch)
– for dogs 55 pounds or greater, give 1 tablespoon per day (sprinkle over food)
– for dogs less than 55 pounds, give 1 teaspoon per day (sprinkle over food)

Using Diatomaceous Earth Externally
– can be used to get rid of or prevent fleas and ticks
– dust and rub into fur
– dust on bedding, carpeting, etc. (vacuum up after 24 hours)
– avoid contact with eyes and noses (can cause irritation)

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