Flower Essences for Pets

If you have a pet suffering from grief, fear, sadness, anxiety, aggression, superiority over others, and more, flower essences may be the answer!

Flower essences are made from the flower blossoms of a plant. The energy of that flower is imprinted in water. The essence of each type of flower blossom contains properties to address emotional and behavioral issues, which may be affecting the wellbeing of an individual. Flower essences are gentle emotional and behavioral remedies for both pets and their owners.

There are many different types of flower essences. Below is a list of some of the more commonly used ones, as well as a description of what is being addressed.

Aspen– Addresses fear and nervousness. For pets that will hide from noises and tend to be submissive.
Beech– For pets that have a ‘superior’ personality to others, and tend to not want to be disturbed by certain individuals.
Honeysuckle- For pets suffering from grief or loss. Can help pets who are experiencing a major transition such as a move, loss of owner or playmate, homesickness, etc.
Mimulus– For pets who are afraid of loud noises, such as thunderstorms.
Rescue Remedy– For any and all types of life stressors. A great broad spectrum flower essence.
Star of Bethlehem– A healing remedy for pets who have suffered trauma, both physical or psychological. For pets whose past is unknown or those who have had known abuse.
Walnut– For pets who are experiencing change. This could include a move, a new baby in the home, change in schedule or commotion due to holidays, etc.

Remember, there are many more flower essence options out there for your pet. These are only some.  Check out our flower essence product offerings here for more option.

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