How Does It Work?

How Do PetMedella Kits Work?

How does it work?

Getting your furry friend scanned for health concerns and other stressors has never been easier. Follow these 7 easy steps, and your pet could be on the road to a healthier, more balanced life.

STEP 1: Purchase a collection kit at a retail location or on our website. Inside the kit, you will find, a vial with a swab inside, baggie to collect hair, an identification card, and a return envelope.

STEP 2: On the instruction card, you will go to Once at the site, you will follow the prompts to fill out all the necessary initial forms or follow up forms.

STEP 3: You will write this number on the ID card provided inside the kit along with your name and phone number.


STEP 4: To collect the saliva sample, break the safety seal on the vial by twisting the green cap. Insert the long white swab into your pet’s mouth and rub along both sides of the cheeks and under the tongue. Afterwards, replace the swab back into the clear vial and close. Be sure to write your pet’s name and the date on the vial.


STEP 5: In order to collect a hair sample, open the clear baggie provided and you can either brush your pet and collect all the hairs that comes out in the brush or simply cut a sample of hair (close to the root and hair can be from anywhere on the body). Remember, we need about 30 strands of hair, if you are able to provide more hair, that would be even better. Be sure to write your pet’s name and the date on the white block on the hair baggie.

Special note: If your pet does not have enough hair to produce an adequate sample, we can also utilize nail clippings. Simply use the same hair baggie for the clipped nails and write the date and pet’s name on the white block. A minimum of five or more nails are required.

STEP 6: Take the completed identification card, vial and baggie, and insert it into the supplied return envelope.  Seal the bag and simply drop in the mail.

STEP 7: Please allow 7 to 10 business days to process and analyze the samples from the date we receive them. Once the analysis is complete, we will email you that your results are ready online.


All the remedies that tested well for your pet will be listed on the report, and you can purchase them directly from the report, should you choose. You can book a consultation to review the results here, and be sure to choose our pet practitioner Tanya.

If you choose, we can send you the specific remedies directly to your house that tested well against your pet’s hair and saliva.  Once your pet’s regimen is complete, subsequent scans will show you the progress being made as your pet comes into balance and new regimens that are needed.