How Our Dogs Have Served Us & Continue to Serve Us Today!

Throughout history dogs have played an important role in the lives of their human companions. Before modern times, dogs were often helping humans through various task: herding, keeping pests away, guard or protecting, pulling heavy loads, helping out during war times, and so much more. While many of these task continue for dogs, these four-legged friends are also serving us in other ways.

Guide Dogs for the Blind
These dogs are trained to guide their owners not just around their home but also in public places. Guide dogs for the blind make outings doable for those with visual impairment.

Alert Dogs for the Hearing Impaired
These dogs are trained to alert their owners to any critical (and non-critical) noises such as a fire alarm, carbon monoxide alarm, alarm clock for waking up in the morning, or a knock at the door.

Alert Dogs for Individuals with Diabetes
These dogs are typically trained for individuals with Type 1 Diabetes. The dog is able to sense and alert their owner if and when their blood sugar levels are too low.

Alert Dogs for Individuals Who Suffer from Seizures
These dogs are specially trained to alert their owners prior to a seizure occurring, giving them a chance to sit or lie down as needed.

Therapy Dogs
Therapy dogs can be trained for a number of different environments from nursing homes to hospitals to schools. They often provide happiness and a calm atmosphere.

Dogs for Individuals with Limited Mobility
Mobility dogs are trained to help their owners with tasks such as opening doors, pressing buttons that are out of reach, turning off light switches, and picking up items that have been dropped.

Dogs for Individuals with Mental Health Issues
These dogs help people who suffer from anxiety disorders, mood disorder, autism, PTSD, and much more. They help by providing comfort, giving their owners reminders, and keeping their owners in the present.

Dogs have and continue to be such a crucial part of our society. They serve humans in so many different ways. Thank a dog today!