How to Keep Your Pet’s Joints Healthy

Is your pet experiencing joint pain? Here are some signs to look for, and ways to improve their joint health.

What to Look For
If your pet is experiencing any of the following, they may be suffering from joint pain…
– lameness that comes and goes
– difficulty rising
– stiffness
– swollen or tender joints
– joints are painful to the touch
– increased periods of rest
– less interest in physical activity
– fatigue
– depressed or irritable
– walks more delicately than before

How to Improve the Health of Your Pet’s Joints

1. Clean diet: avoid feeding your pet foods that are processed, contain additives or preservatives, and meat that comes from factory farms. Being fed these foods over an extended period of time can lead to leaky gut. Leaky gut will then expose the rest of the body, including the joints, to inflammation.

2. Avoid unnecessary toxins: pets are often put on various medications prior to even discovering the root of a problem. The overuse of medicine can create toxicity in a pet’s body. Over vaccinating a pet can also result in too many toxins, which can then lead to multiple health problems, including joint issues.

3. Glucosamine & Chondroitin: a glucosamine and/or chondroitin supplement will decrease inflammation and pain of the joints and bones.

4. Omega 3s: diets low in omega 3 fatty acids can lead to chronic inflammation. A couple ways to remedy this deficiency would be through a healthy diet with grass-fed meat or wild caught fish and supplementing with healthy fats such as a good quality fish oil or phytoplankton.

5. Antioxidants: a diet rich in antioxidants will help relieve inflammation. Some good sources include: blueberries, phytoplankton, turmeric, and herbs such as oregano, cinnamon, parsley, and ginger.

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