Improve the Health & Beauty of Your Pet’s Coat

Does your pet’s coat look dull? Looking to make it more vibrant and soft? There are a number of natural ways to give your dog, cat, horse, or any furry pet the best looking coat possible!

How to Give Your Pet a Healthy, Beautiful Coat:
1. Feed Your Pet Quality Food
– Avoid food additives and chemical additive
– Avoid unidentified meat such as, meat meal, meat byproducts, meat & bone       meal, animal fat, and animal byproduct meal
– Consider the ancestral diet of your pet, for examples, the digestive systems       of dogs & cats are not made to process grains appropriately
– Avoid foods that your pet is sensitive to. Not sure? Do a PetMedella                   Sensitivity Scan!
– Keep food fresh
2. Brush Your Pet Regularly– most pets shed. A regular brushing will help to main a healthy coat by removing the shedding hair.
3. Add Omega 3s to Your Pet’s Diet– omega 3s from a good quality fish oil can support your pet’s skin & coat
4. Add Coconut Oil to Your Pet’s Diet– a daily dose of coconut oil can improve the skin and coat of your pet
5. Supplement with Biotin– a B vitamin that helps improve skin and coat quality
6. Oatmeal Baths– great for both the skin and coat. Also very soothing!

Concerned about the health of your pet’s skin or coat? Contact PetMedella at 612-812-9121 or email us at for a PetMedella Wellness Scan!si