Is Cat Litter Safe? What to Look For

Have you ever wondered if your cat’s kitty litter is safe for your cat or you? Have you ever taken the time to read the ingredients on the container? Many kitty litters can be quite harmful. Knowing what to look for can help your cat’s health as well as that of your own.

Reading the Ingredients
avoid the ingredient silica– can be harmful if a large dose is ingested (especially be thinking about the family dog that may like to nose around in the litter box)
avoid sodium bentonite– this is a clumping agent that when ingested or when the dust is breathed in can expand and cause GI issues
go organic– try cedar, corn, or wheat….non-organic litter could contain chemicals such as pesticides & herbicides

Cleaning the Litter Box
pregnant women should not clean a litter box 
**if the dust is breathed in, it could cause toxoplasmosis which can be harmful to the developing baby
**to minimize exposure even more, use a cat litter mat for trapping litter that may be on the cat’s feet as the cat exits the litter box
clean a cat’s litter box daily to avoid…
**kitty UTIs- cats are more likely to hold their bladder if the litter box is not clean
**ammonia exposure
**bacterial exposure
**parasite exposure

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