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Keeping Your Pet’s Brain Sharp

To keep our pets’ brains young and healthy, they need to be stimulated, much like our own. As pet owners, providing opportunities for stimulation, is not only easy but can be very inexpensive. It is also important to make sure that our pets are being fed a healthy diet with proper nutrients.

Puzzles & Games:
Find that Toy (Dogs): Start by teaching your canine companion the names of his/her different toys. Once this has been learned, scatter the toys in a room and give the command to your dog to pick up a specific toy and bring it to you.
Hide & Seek (Dogs): Have your dog sit and stay while you go hide in your house. Then, call your dog and have them find you.

Toys & Food Puzzles (Dogs): There are many different types of toys & food puzzles created just for dogs. However, if you do not want to spend the money, many can be creating using old containers, muffin tins, toilet paper rolls, tennis balls, and old clothes. Check out for some great ideas! To avoid choking, always monitor your dog.
Obstacle Course (Dogs): Create an obstacle course in your backyard or even in your house. It could include jumps, cones to weave through, and things to go under.
Chasing & Batting (Cats): Put items on the floor for a cat to bat around (rolled up socks, wads of paper) or drag ribbons or yarn on the floor for him/her to chase.
Windows (Cats): Put a bird feeder next to a window so that your cat can watch the birds fly in and out. This is very stimulating for cats.
Obstacle Course (Cats): Create a kitty obstacle course that includes cat trees and empty boxes so that your cat can climb, explore, and hide.
Hide & Seek (Cats): Hide food and treats around the house and place them at different levels, encouraging your cat to seek them out.  

Food & Supplements:
Antioxidants: Antioxidants can be found in many different food sources and are known to improve overall quality of life and longevity. Antioxidants can be found in Vitamin A (bright colored fruits & vegetables), Vitamin C (citrus fruits, strawberries, green leafy vegetables), Vitamin E (nuts & seeds), and Selenium (fish, chicken, beef, eggs).
DHA: An omega-3 essential fatty acid. It improves cognition, memory, and the immune system. One of the best sources of DHA is fish oil.

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