Our Pets and Lyme disease

Summer brings warm, sunny weather, which draws people and their pets into the great outdoors. But what’s lurking on those tall grasses, trees, and fallen logs could be enough to keep you away. Tiny little ticks the size of a pin head can potentially wreak havoc on the body.

What is Lyme Disease?Lyme disease is an infection that can affect us and our pets. When an animal is bitten by a tick that carries Lyme disease, the pathogens enter into the bloodstream, causing issues for many areas of the body.

How to Protect Your Pet
1. Avoid areas where ticks are more prevalent: woods, tall grasses, etc.
2. Mow your lawn regularly to avoid tall grass and dispose of leaf litter, which is appealing to ticks.
3. Check for ticks on a daily basis and remove any immediately.
4. Use a tick repellent of your choosing.

Signs to Watch For
– fever
– decreased appetite
– lower energy than normal
– stiffness or pain
– swollen joints
– difficulty breathing
– depression

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