Paw Irritation? How to Keep Your Pet’s Paws Healthy

When we think about the health of our pets, we often times overlook the smaller, less visible areas of their bodies such as the paws. However, these areas need just as much attention. The paws of our dogs and cats are in frequent use. Without healthy paws, mobility can be quite challenging. Here are some ways to improve and maintain healthy paws for your dog or cat.

What Causes Paw Irritation?
1. Environmental Exposures:
– sensitivities to grasses & other plants
– toxin contact (direct touch, indigested, or inhaled)
2. Food Sensitivities
3. Infections from Fungi, Yeast, or Molds
4. Cuts or Open Wounds

How to Address Paw Irritation
1. Cut out from your pet’s diet any food that may be a sensitivity.
2. If your pet was exposed to an environmental toxin on his/her skin, fur, or paws, prevent them from licking until the toxin has been washed off.
3. Foot baths are excellent for dogs and cats who have been exposed to environmental sensitivities, environmental toxins, infections, or wounds. (See foot bath recipes below)
4. For dry or cracked paws, apply coconut oil.

Foot Bath Recipes
1. To a bucket of warm water, add enough iodine to turn the water color to that of iced tea.
2. Soak each foot for 30 seconds.
3. Pat dry with a towel.
**Excellent for removing toxins, addressing yeast infections, & disinfecting.


1. To 1 gallon of warm water, add 1 cup hydrogen peroxide and 1 cup organic raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar.
2. Soak each foot for 30 seconds.
3. Air dry.
**Excellent for yeast infections & irritated paws.

How to Maintain Healthy Paws Once the Irritation is Addressed
1. Frequent Walks- this keeps your pet’s paws well conditioned
2. Keep Nails & Hair in between the paw pads trimmed- allows the paws to have more direct contact with the surfaces they walk on.
3. Supplement with Zinc- helps form collagen to repair the skin and strengthen the connective tissue found in the paws.

Are you concerned that your pet may be reacting to a food or environmental sensitivity? Are you concerned about toxins affecting your pet’s body? If so, contact PetMedella for a Hair & Saliva Wellness Scan at 612-812-9121 or email us at