Biting Insect Antigens


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This homeopathic remedy has been used to reduce the sensitivity response to various biting insects.

Ingredients: Biting Insect Allersodes* 15X, Biting Insect Allersodes* 30X, Apis Mellifica 12X, Apis Mellifica 15X, Culex Musca 12X, Culex Musca 15X, Hypericum Perforatum 12X, Hypericum Perforatum 15X, Ledum Palustre 12X, Ledum Palustre 15X, Pediculus Capitis 12X, Pediculus Capitis 15X, *Biting Insect Allersodes: Bed Bugs Hornet Human Fleas Red Wood Ants Wasps, Demineralized water, 20% ethanol.