Full Scan


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Our best results are seen in a set of three scans and three regimens.  That is why we encourage purchasing three collections kits at one time for a discount of $20 per scan.

The PetMedella scanning kit is all you need to get started. Through innovative testing techniques, we can start to understand and help our pets to achieve optimum health. The kit includes the materials needed to collect a saliva and hair sample as well as instructions to guide you through the collection and submission process.

We provide a report detailing the complete findings of the bioenergetic whole body scan, food and environmental sensitivities, a list of resonating toxins, and what hormonal and nutritional imbalances were found. Knowledge is key, but action is equally important and that is why we scan for balancing remedies and supplements. This regimen will be tested against your pet’s samples to ensure balance before it gets approved by you and shipped. These items can include: herbs, homeopathic remedies, essential oils, flower essences and nutritional supplements.