Does Your Dog Leak Urine? It May Not Be Their Fault

Urinary incontinence is involuntarily leaking urine. Just like humans, it can happen to our dogs as well. This inability to control leakage can happen when a dog is jumping, running, walking, or simply resting and sleeping. As dog owners, it’s important to remember if they suffer from urinary incontinence as something is causing this and […]

Diabetes in Dogs? What to Do

What is Diabetes?  Diabetes occurs when the body ineffectively produces or ineffectively uses glucose. Cells require glucose for energy. In order to use glucose, the body needs insulin. Insulin is produced in the pancreas and is needed in order for glucose to get into the cell. If the glucose cannot get into the cells due […]

How Our Dogs Have Served Us & Continue to Serve Us Today!

Throughout history dogs have played an important role in the lives of their human companions. Before modern times, dogs were often helping humans through various task: herding, keeping pests away, guard or protecting, pulling heavy loads, helping out during war times, and so much more. While many of these task continue for dogs, these four-legged […]