Lyme Disease: How It Can Impact the Health of Your Pet

Lyme disease is caused by the bacteria, borrelia, which is transmitted to a person or animal by a tick bite. The deer tick, also known as the black legged tick, is the carrier of this bacteria, but not all deer ticks are infected.┬áDeer ticks are most commonly found on deer and small rodents. Having these […]

How Our Pets Keep Us Healthy

While owning a pet can be a big responsibility, the health benefits for us as pet owners, may far exceed those responsibilities. Research has shown that having a pet can benefit us both physically and emotionally. Here’s how… 1. Better Heart Health Owning an active pet (such as a dog) gives us a reason to […]

Is Your Pet Panting Excessively?

Dogs and cats are both known to use panting as a means to cool down their body temperature when they are hot. In addition to this, dogs will also pant when they are excited, anxious, or energetic. So while panting can be very normal, there are some circumstances in which it is an indication of […]