5 Tips To Keep Your Dog Safe During Winter Walks

5 tips to keep your dog safe on winter walks

Have you thought about how to keep your dog safe on winter walks? We need to keep pet safety in mind all the time, as each season has its pros, and cons! No need to stop getting outside though! Your dog’s well being, and yours, depends on it! It is healthy for both dogs and […]

Benefits of Dirt! Why Does Your Horse Roll In It?

Dirt has multiple benefits for many animals, including humans. However, the benefits can be different from species to species. If you are a horse owner or if you’ve ever been around a horse, you’ve probably seen them roll in the dirt. Here are 7 reasons why horses choose to roll in the dirt… 1. Prevent […]

Is Your Pet Panting Excessively?

Dogs and cats are both known to use panting as a means to cool down their body temperature when they are hot. In addition to this, dogs will also pant when they are excited, anxious, or energetic. So while panting can be very normal, there are some circumstances in which it is an indication of […]