Flower Essences for Pets

If you have a pet suffering from grief, fear, sadness, anxiety, aggression, superiority over others, and more, flower essences may be the answer! Flower essences are made from the flower blossoms of a plant. The energy of that flower is imprinted in water. The essence of each type of flower blossom contains properties to address […]

Horse Laminitis: Prevent, Identify, & Address

Laminae, found on horses, is the inner layer of the hoof. If nutrient and oxygen-rich blood is not getting to the laminae, it can lead to laminitis. Laminitis is inflammation of the laminae, causing swelling in the tissue of the hoof. When the laminae doesn’t receive blood, the cells¬†become damaged, and the laminae eventually begins […]

How to Reduce Pet Anxiety

Some Signs that Your Pet May Be Anxious 1. Loss of appetite 2. Rapid breathing or excessive panting 3. Body Language – tense face, will not make eye contact – tail low or tucked – ears laid back – head turned away 4. Depressed 5. Lethargic 6. Fur or skin not shiny, hair loss, major […]

Do Your Emotions Affect Your Pet’s Emotions?

As humans, we often pick up on the emotions of others. When someone is experiencing an emotional low, others often pick up on it through their body language, facial expressions, and the energy they carry. The same is true when someone is on top of the world and full of lively energy, others not only […]

Pet Skin Issues & What to Do

Our pets can experience health issues much like we do. The skin, which is the largest organ of the body, can create an unpleasant experience for both a pet and his/her owner when it is aggravated. Does your pet experience skin issues? Signs of Skin Issues for Our Pets: – constant stratching or licking ¬† […]

Pets and Seizures

There are a number of things that may cause seizures in pets. Epilepsy is when a pet has seizures for unknown reasons. Some other reasons for seizures may include: environmental toxins, being over vaccinated, and prior illnesses such as a infections, immune disorders, neurological disorders, and parasites. What to Do Diet: Sometimes seizures can be […]