Understanding the Results

Now that you are reviewing your pet’s online report for the very first time, it is important to us that you understand what it is that you are reading. Therefore, follow up calls can be conducted soon after your report has been sent to you, should you have further questions or concerns.

The first portion of the report will show each system within the body and to what level of stress each bodily system is experiencing. When you see a system close to 100% that will indicate minimal stress, which is ideal. As you get closer to 0% this is indicative of extreme stress. The goal over time is to get each system as close to 100%, minimal stress, as possible.

The next part of the report will indicated what food and environmental factors come up as sensitivities for your pet. Close to 1000 items are scanned and the items that come up as sensitive for you pet will be listed.

For the nutritional imbalances, we check amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids. Within the report, we will list which nutrients come up imbalanced and foods potent in those specific nutrients that may be of benefit to fill that void.

Beyond the nutritional imbalances on the report, you’ll find resonating toxins. There are six categories of toxins scanned against your pet’s hair and saliva samples. These categories include: bacteria, parasites, mold, chemicals, viruses, and heavy metals. Within the report we will indicates which categories resonate.

Hormonal imbalances will be listed next. The hormones that come up out of range will be indicated and what these specific hormones are responsible for within the body.

Lastly, we scan your pet’s samples against thousands of possible remedies. These remedies include herbs, homeopathic remedies, oils, gels, and nutrients. From the remedies that balance, we take it a step further and make sure that the combination synergistic-ally test well together against the hair and saliva samples. The bottom portion of the report will list these items and what they are. To the left of the remedies, you’ll find specific notes regarding your pet.

All of the remedies can be purchased directly through the report, or if you’d like to simply place the order with us over the phone, we can do that too.

At any point in time you can go back and look at your results. All your reports will be saved so that you can toggle back and forth from subsequent scans to see the progress your pet has made.