What is Kennel Cough? Know What to Look For & What to Do

What is it?
Kennel cough in a dog occurs when he or she contracts the Bordetella bronchiseptica bacteria while already carrying a virus such as adenovirus, parainfluenza, canine herpes, or distemper. It is easily passed from dog to dog through droplets lingering in the air from a sneeze or cough or from a surface that has been contaminated. Dogs have a higher risk of contracting kennel cough when they spend time in areas where there are other dogs, such as boarding kennels. It effects the respiratory tract and is very similar to what we know as bronchitis or the common cold.

Signs of Kennel Cough
If your dog is experiencing any of the following, they may have kennel cough:
– coughing
– sneezing
– runny nose
– fatigue
– appetite loss

How to Beat Kennel Cough Naturally
Often times a healthy dog can get rid of kennel cough on their own. However, keep in mind that it can take up to three weeks. If you are looking to give your dog some naturally support to help them beat kennel cough, consider the following options:
Echinacea–  an herb that helps build the immune system and has antiviral          properties
Astragalas– an herb that is antimicrobial and supports both the immune              system and the lungs
Olive Leaf– an antimicrobial herb
Slippery Elm– helps improve sore throat
Raw Garlic (in safe dosages)- carries both antiviral and antibacterial                  properties
Vitamin C– an antiviral vitamin
Vitamin E– supports the immune system
Tea Tree, Lavender, or Eucalyptus Essential Oil (diffused or applied)- carry        both antiviral and antibacterial properties
**avoid Eucalyptus if your dog suffers from seizures

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