What to Look for in Horse Feed

Finding the best feed for your horse can be a challenge due to the fact that not much money or time has been spent on researching equine nutrition. Horses are meant to forage in open pasture. They want to constantly be roaming, seeking out grasses, weeds, and shrubs. This not only nourishes them, but also helps the body fight off toxins as they munch on wild herbs. So while foraging should be number one, there are times when a horse may need extra energy or weight and giving your horse a good feed may be necessary.

What to Look for in Horse Feed
– organic feed (can be hard to find, but is becoming more common)-
* avoid feed that may contain pesticides, herbicides, & fertilizer
* avoid GMO
* buy local if possible
– avoid feed that contains by-products
– avoid sugars (example: molasses)
– find feeds that are rich in minerals
– find feeds that contain probiotics for gut health or add your own
– look for low carb
– look for whole grains (especially: oats, barley, and/or beet pulp)
– if you’d like, mix in some cold-pressed oils with the feed

Remember, forage first.

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