Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Do you ever catch your pooch chowing down on your green grass? Your dog is not alone. It is not an unusual behavior. Most dogs eat those fresh blades from time to time. However, it is important to observe the frequency of this behavior and why your dog may be doing it.

Why Would a Dog Eat Grass?
1. Digestive System is Upset
– may need to settle their tummies due to nausea, bloat, gas, etc.
– some dogs that experience digestive upset will eat grass to purge what is causing the upset (Keep an eye out, your dog should not be purging more than once or twice a year)
– may need to expel toxins in the digestive system
– may need to expel worms in the GI tract
2. Seeking Nutritional Needs
– body may be lacking nutrients: vitamins, minerals, enzymes, etc.
– grass contains prebiotic fiber and phytonutrients
– may want to consider switching your dogs food to a different brand and/or protein source (especially if your dog has been on a particular food for awhile)
3. Eating Grass is Enjoyable!
– if your dog is being very selective in the grasses he/she eats (not consuming frantically), it is okay. Your dog may just enjoying eating grass and most likely knows what’s good for him/her.

My Dog Eats Grasses Frequently and Frantically! What to Do
  1. See your healthcare provider.
   2. Talk to your healthcare provider about switching your dog’s diets (different brand, different protein source, potentially going from kibble to raw, etc.)
 3. Give your dog a probiotic to help balance his/her gut bacteria.
 4. Give your dog a digestive enzyme with each meal to provide additional digestive support.

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