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Bored Pooch? How to Keep Your Pet Busy When Inside

Winter brings snow and cold weather to many areas. With this comes some extremely cold days that simply don’t allow you and your dog to get out and enjoy the outdoors. Cold or not, dogs still have energy that needs to be released. So what can we do to funnel this energy and prevent them for boredom?

1. ‘Which Hand is It’ Game- Place a treat in one of your hands and close both hands shut. Have your dog use his sense of smell to locate which hand the treat is in.

2. ‘Three Cups’ Game- Place three cups upside down and place a treat under one of the cups. Mix the cups up and have your dog identify the location of the treat.

3. Hide and Seek- Have your dog sit and stay while you find a hiding place in your house. Once you are hidden, call her name once and stay hidden until she find you.

4. Scavenger Hunt- Hide treats throughout the house and have your dog use his sense of smell to find them. Start with easier hiding spots and gradually make them more challenging.

5. Identify and Pick Up Toys- Teach your dog the name of her toys (squeaky, ball, rope, etc.). Once your dog has learned the name of her toys, use the names one by one and have her bring each toy to her toy box or basket.

6. Stuffed Kong- Fill a Kong with peanut butter or something similar and freeze it. Once frozen, this becomes a fun challenge to retrieve and a great treat!
7. Obstacle Course- Create an obstacle course in your house. Take two chairs and put a broom over them to create a jump. Use a kids play tunnel for your dog to run through. Place a blanket on the floor and have them stay for a set amount of time.

8. Tug O War- Use a rope or old socks tied together and play a game of tug o war with your dog.

9. Food Dispensing Toy or Puzzle- Stimulate your dog mentally by having them work to get their food. There are a lot of great products that you can purchase or you can make homemade ones.

10. Blow Bubbles in the House- Many dogs love catching bubbles! This can be entertaining for both your dog and you!