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Unusual Lumps and Bumps On Your Pet

As humans age, changes happen to our skin. Our skin is not as smooth and radiant as it once was. Humans often times will begin to show discoloration or develop bumps or skin tags. Our pets experience similar changes as they age as well.

It is quite normal for pet’s to develop blemishes and bumps on their skin with age. In most cases, these skin changes are harmless, however, it is a good idea to keep a close eye on any changes you notice with your pet. Doing a daily at-home wellness check by simply checking your pet’s body for anything unusual is a great way to do this. Your pet will LOVE these daily checks as any kind of petting or stroking from their owner, is sure to be enjoyed by them!

Types of Lumps and Bumps:

There are 5 main types of lumps and bumps to be aware of…
1. Skin Tag: small soft skin growths that are typically harmless
2. Subaceous Cyst: small bump beneath the skin typically due to plugged oil glands, usually harmless
3. Wart: small raised bump on the surface of the skin with a rough flat surface, typically harmless
4. Tumor: swelling in an area of the body due to abnormal tissue growth, can be either malignant or benign
5. Lipoma (fatty mass): a soft, round mass typically found under the skin, typically benign

When to See Your Vet…
-if your pet is in pain or uncomfortable due to the lump
-the mass is growing or changing rapidly

If your pet has a lump that is not taking away from his or her health and quality of life, it most likely will not need to be surgically removed and should simply be well monitored. If there is any suspicion from your vet that the lump may be malignant, it should be removed.

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