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High-Energy Dog? How to Keep the Sanity

Does your dog seem to always be in need of attention? Maybe he/she wants to constantly play fetch, jumps up on you, or nips at your heels. Whatever it might be, there is a reason for this behavior, a need waiting to be met. High-energy dogs are typically very intelligent dogs as well. Because of this, they need to be challenged both physically and mentally.

Once upon a time, dogs were highly prized as workers for families and communities. They pulled heavy loads, chased rodents out of fields, herded livestock, and so much more. In today’s world, there is less of a need for this and dogs are finding themselves without work. This turns into boredom and a lack of purpose, which can then lead to unwanted behaviors and what appears to be ‘excess’ energy
How to Help Your High-Energy Dog and Yourself

1. Food Toys & Puzzles
Food toys and puzzles mentally stimulate dogs as they have to figure out how to get the food out of the contraption. Dogs can ‘hunt’ for their food in a variety of ways: flipping flaps, rolling toys with their noses, etc.

2. Walk or Run with a Cool Down
Dogs can be stimulated both mentally and physically with a 30 minute walk/run followed by a five minute cool down. The cool down could consist of grooming or obedience training.

3. Trick Training with Treats
Spend some time with your dog teaching him/her how to sit, shake, high five, roll, etc. Follow up each trick with a special treat. Trick training is very mentally stimulating.

4. Give Your Pooch a Job
Feed the breed instinct of your pooch with a special activity. The following are some ideas of activity to do with your pet: disc, agility, fly ball, dock jumping, hiking, skijoring or bikejoring, treibball (aka urban herding), lure coursing.


5. Aromatherapy
If your dog has a difficult time winding down at the end of the day or dreads the moment when you leave the house to go somewhere, try aromatherapy. Essential oils such as lavender, can be very calming. It can be applied directly to the top of your dogs nose or diffused.

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