The Gut Benefits of Doggie Probiotics

What Are Probiotics?
Probiotics are good bacteria needed for a healthy digestive system. There are many different strands of probiotics, such as blautia, clostridium lactobacillus, bactericides, prevotella, and bifidobacterium. Not only are these bacteria needed for the digestive system, they also fend off bad bacteria. The digestive system of our dogs need probiotics as much as our own.

Probiotics and the Digestive System
What Can Cause an Unhealthy Digestive System?
An unhealthy digestive system can be caused from an unhealthy diet, a sudden change in diet, eating non-food items, drinking contaminated water, ingesting chemicals such as pesticides, overuse of antibiotics, steroids, or vaccines. Any kind of physical or emotional stress can impact the digestive system. In turn, this can also be taxing to the nervous system and the immune system.

What Does an Unhealthy Digestive System Look Like
If your dog’s digestive system is not kept healthy, it can lead to a number of digestive issues, such as poor absorption, diarrhea, excessive gas, and even food sensitivities. If these digestive issues are not addressed, this can spread to other areas of the body and cause further issues.

How Can Probiotics Help?
Probiotics can help the body absorb nutrients more fully. They can also aid in the process of digestion and they help fight off harmful bacteria and germs. Learn more about the benefits here.

Giving Your Dog Probiotics
There are a couple ways to add more probiotics to your dog’s diet.

1. Fermented Vegetables– add fermented vegetables to your dog’s meal. This could include but is not limited to: beans, carrots, radishes, cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli. To make your own fermented veggies, check out the following:
2. Probiotics for Dogs– you could specifically buy a probiotic made for dogs, and sprinkle the probiotic over your dog’s food. If you are going to purchase a probiotic for your dog, look for the following:
– strains for pets and not people
– live probiotics with the ability to reproduce
– at least 20 million live organisms

Adding probiotics to your dog’s diet can make a happy gut and a happy pup!!!




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