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What Does Your Horse Require to Be Healthy?

All mammals need the basics to survive: food, water, shelter, and warmth. But what do horses specifically need to not just survive, but to be healthy?
1. Exercise

What Horses Need:
– space to roam, a horse is meant to walk for approximately 20 hours per day

What Could Happen If this Need is Not Met:
– unhealthy joints: stiff, painful, swollen
– mental issues
– behavioral issues
– being confined to a small area can lead to stress and eventually ulcers as well as weight gain
– when a horse suffers from joint issues and obesity, often times this leads to laminitis, an inflammation of the hooves, making walking extremely difficult

2. Healthy Diet

What Horses Need:
– a whole, organic diet (this can be challenging to find, can substitute with non-GMO oat and barley as a second option, if need be)

What Could Happen If this Need is Not Met:
– most horse feed is high in sugar and uses genetically modified foods, both can lead to a number of health issues as the nutritional needs of the horse will not be met, inflammation in the gut is a huge issue for many horses
– find hay that is not sprayed, pesticides and herbicides can get into the horses body and create a build up of toxicity
– weight gain which can lead to obesity, joint issues and eventually laminitis

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