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3 Natural Topical Remedies for Hot Spots

What are hot spots?
A hot spot is an inflamed area of the skin that becomes red and moist. It can be extremely irritating for a pet, giving them the urge to scratch, lick, or chew the affect area. By allowing your pet to do this, the area can grow quite quickly.

How Do Pets Get Hot Spots?
Anything that causes irritation to the skin can cause a hot spot. Some examples are: an insect bite, allergic reaction, previous infection of the skin, and constant chewing or licking behavior typically due to boredom. 
Natural Topical Remedies for Hot Spots:

1. Colloidal Silver: A natural antibiotic, killing bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Apply the colloidal silver by spraying it directly on the area or on to a cotton ball and dab on the affected area multiple times per day. Use colloidal silver in liquid or gel form.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV): Like colloidal silver, ACV is also antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal. When purchasing ACV, look for an organic brand that is unpasteurized and contains ‘the mother’ (cloudy sediment). ACV can sting, so dilute it with water, one part ACV to three parts water. Apply the ACV to a cotton ball and dab it on the affect area. Do this multiple times per day.

3. Coconut Oil: Another great antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal remedy! Use unrefined, cold-pressed, organic coconut oil. Apply coconut oil to a cotton ball and dab on affected area multiple times per day.

Prior to applying any kind of natural remedy to your pet’s skin, make sure the area is clean using warm (not hot) water.

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