Exercise for You and Your Pooch This New Year

With 2023 in full swing, many people have already planned their New Year’s resolutions. A common New Year’s resolution for many is to start exercising and to lose weight.

This resolution can benefit your furry pooch as well!

So, what can you do during the winter months to give both you and your dog the exercise you both need?

Hiking, Running, Walking, or Snowshoeing

Get out and take your dog for a daily winter walk or run. Feeling extra adventurous? Try a winter hike or snowshoeing adventure. There are many winter trails made specially for hiking and snowshoeing.


Do you have a dog that likes to pull while on leash? Try skijoring! Skijoring is a popular winter activity in Scandinavian cultures. The owner is on cross country skis while the dog wears a special harness made for the sport of skijoring. A bungee-type cord attaches the dog to the owner. This sport is a joint effort, much like a tandem bike. The owner skis and the dog pulls. This is a great activity for dogs that fall under the working breed.

Winter Agility

Set up a winter agility course and run along with your dog as they complete the different challenges. The course could include weave poles, jumps, a tunnel, and so forth. Rather be indoors? Join a local dog arena that has an agility course. This is a great sport for dogs that tend to be more agile, such as your herding breeds.

Freestyle Musical Dog Dancing

Yep…this is a thing! Create your own choreographed moves with your pooch. Owners often use basic obedience tricks and set these tricks to music. A great indoor challenge for you and your dog on those colder winter days that you can do right in your living room.

A lack of exercise not only leads to an unhealthy lifestyle for your dog, but it can also lead to boredom, which then leads to stress. Be proactive this new year. Be healthy. Be strong. Exercise with your furry friend!

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